Zack Hemsey

Zack Hemsey (born 1983) is an American recording artist and composer, whose work has been largely popularized through its use in film trailers. A notable example was "Trailer 3" of the 2010 movie Inception which included his composed piece "Mind Heist"; it is a common misconception that the piece for this trailer was composed by Hans Zimmer because Zimmer composed the official score for the movie itself.

"Mind Heist" is the music I used in the video that probably brought you here about the Russian meteorite. It was also used for the introduction video for the video game Madden NFL 12, the trailer for the 2012 film Airborne, and is sometimes used by the show "America's Got Talent". His track "See What I've Become" has appeared in trailers as well as on the website for TNT's Falling Skies. "Vengeance" was featured in a trailer for the second season of the HBO program Game of Thrones. Hemsey's music has also been used in trailers for The Town, Trust, and Ridley Scott's Robin Hood.

Hemsey began his career as the composer for an obscure hip-hop group called Nine Leaves, where he was also one of five lyricists / MCs. He began a solo career in 2010 with the release of "Empty Room" and has continued to independently release his own studio albums and singles, all of which tend to combine elements of orchestral score, hip-hop, and world instrumentation.

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